New Obsession: Ady Suleiman


For everyone that knows me, they know I love to scout for musicians to obsess about on YouTube. It’s what I love to do and to be honest, it’s what I do best. I’d watch through hundreds of videos with very little views instead coz sometimes these underrated musicians are superbly good, way better than the ones with millions of views, it’s just they lack exposure.

And one person that I just came across is… Ady Suleiman.


Source: Ady Suleiman’s Facebook

Okay, maybe he’s not like a bedroom singer coz he’s pretty big in the UK already, recently performed at Glastonbury 2016.

But this man is awesome. His lyrics, his voice, his music… like man! Come here already! #musicgasm

Here’s one of my favourite songs called Need Somebody To Love.

Favourite lines include:

  • And you’re the one I’m looking for, living for/You’re the one I’m thinking of, You’re the one that I will love/I wonder if our paths have crossed in this world/I wonder where you are/I wonder if you’ve heard this verse/I wonder what your body looks like/Will you look sublime, words I can’t describe?
  • I don’t even know when you are or when you’re coming through/All I know is I love you and proof of that, this song is written/If you’re out there girl, I really hope you’re listening/I’m still wishing for the day I find you girl/You’re here to stay, I’ll look back at this verse and say “Thank fuck, finally”.

It kinda feels like he wrote this song for me. I mean, not in the way that it’s dedicated for me. It feels as though he took all my thoughts and placed them into a beautiful song.

Tbh, I’ve just been looking for “the one” at the wrong place and at the wrong time. My heart tells me that he is going to have a big passion in music, food and conspiracy theories just like me. Patience, Suzie.




Sofar Sounds Kuala Lumpur (Vol 2)



Last night I took my girlfriend to the second Sofar Sounds Kuala Lumpur… And it was amazeballz! I heard of Sofar KL during one of my (failed) Tinder dates with D. He was in KL after traveling for months and when I asked about his plans for the weekend, he said Sofar Sounds. Like wtf. I mean, how the hell did a guy from Manchester know about this gig?!?

I have been a subscriber of Sofar for so many years already so obvs I couldn’t wait to be a part of the second one. Yeah, you kinda need to sign up and they will let you know if you get selected. Besides that, you can only bring +1. Of course that wasn’t a huge problem for me since #foreveralone. But I’m so glad that I took my bestie with me.


Photo taken in Langkawi, 2015

I was a little reluctant about the gig though. Being a performer myself (ex-performer that is), I was afraid it would turn out exactly like other open mics/gigs. The music scene in Kuala Lumpur isn’t huge. You see the same musicians performing at various locations again and again. If you make good connections with organizers, you get more offers to perform. It’s basically a biased world out here. Since i’m an introvert freak who loves to sing but have two personalities, one onstage and another off, it’s hard to get the support. Small talks and compliments give me anxiety. It’s worse that I am an AB blood type as we rarely feel like we’re good enough for the world. I’m going off topic, aren’t I?

Anyway, what I enjoyed most yesterday was that I witnessed really cool, down-to-earth, talented musicians who totally surprised me with their pure and raw music. My favourite singer of the night would have to be Aalex. Her introduction speech was one of the best ones I’ve heard in my life. “Hi. I’m Alex and i am a girl.” 😂  But she made me tear when she sang her “original song that she wrote herself” called Dwi.

After her, we had Marques with his very soulful jazz/R&B on stage. *swoon* and Sid Murshid with his simple songs. (He created a song in Malay about how much he’s in love with himself coz he’s handsome. His own words, not mine.)

Overall, the night was kinda like a reunion for me since I met both Manisha and Pris there after not seeing them in ages! Small talks ain’t really for me but they made it tad bit easier. Not to forget, I finally met Thiago over there.

So if anyone’s interested to be a part of this global music community, do sign up for the next one at I really hope the third one will be good as well. Harap-harap takde lah muka samaaaaaaaaaaaaa je. I need to be surrounded by people who appreciate music no matter what their genres are. Don’t be biased. Love is love is love.