If this is love then why do i feel so sad?

History’s repeating itself as i lose myself into loving you more than me. 

A mistake I’ve wanted to redeem; How do i crawl from the dark as the light is dimmed?

Forgive me as i try to find the right words to say

This love is not mine to keep so come what may.

I’m hopeful of what I would find one day. 

Maybe I’d stumble across a code to unlock this puzzled mind before i tie a knot on a rope. 


Letting Go

I used to be so afraid of letting things go when I was younger. I’d bottle up my feelings and I’d always want to fix things so they could stay where I’d like them to be.

But nothing remains. Except for scars.


Six Hours


“Six hours before we say goodbye again,

You’re still asleep next to me, as always,

I can fall asleep anytime I want while you stare into the darkest nights,

Your warm smooth skin is what I crave,

When I toss and turn on the bed and you’re not around

As I close my eyes, I pretend that you’re caressing down my thighs.


I can’t help what you did to me,

Opened my eyes wide so I can see,

It scares me to death knowing that I’d leave you behind with the memories.


We’ll get there eventually,

They do not know what we feel to rethink this through carefully,

You’ve taken half of my heart,

And in time they will finally understand and see what this love was made to me,

What this love means to me.

— Suzie Mz x